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Can blogs benefit small companies?

It is clear that many firms understand the potential benefits of creating a blog, but that does not mean they should rush out and start one (Smaller firms afraid to take plunge with blogs, 9 October).

There are two issues. Firstly, small businesses tend to have few marketing skills, little time but oodles of passion. So, if a small business does limited marketing, does investing time and effort in an emerging technology give them the best return? Unlikely.

Secondly, these new Web 2.0 technologies are still evolving and everyone is still trying to understand the best approaches. But it is evident that the new technologies are not sweeping away older methods. Blogs are just another mechanism for connecting with your customers. For example, many observers give tips on effective corporate blogging that focus on creating value, gathering market intelligence, building your brand, and giving your company a human face. But these good practices are not exclusive to blogs - they are universal. 

My advice is, don’t ignore the opportunity but don't get sucked in. If blogs can’t support an existing communications strategy, don’t complicate things with an unproven tactic.

Ashley Carr, The itpr Group

November 17, 2006 in Weblogs | Permalink


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