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Career advancement is easier in cities

I absolutely agree with RS’s comments on gaining IT employment (Letters, 10 September). The sad fact is that experience and knowledge count for nothing, unless you have acquired those little certificates in a subject that is probably not relevant for the actual work you will be doing. 

For example, where I live the only computer course I could find at the local college was on Cisco networks. But how many small and medium-sized companies outside of large cities use Cisco networks? 

I do not live in a large city, and do not really want to move to one. I could do an MCSE in Windows Server, but employers do not seem to value that one.

I cannot get a day release from my IT job, so doing a degree course is out of the question too. Anyway, my employer does not want me to have any more qualifications, because then they would probably have to pay me a decent wage or face losing me.

Jason Davies

September 24, 2007 in Skills | Permalink


I couldn’t disagree more with Jason Davies on IT Skills (24th September)

I work just outside of London in a small/medium size business. We do make use of Cisco systems in particular for external security, so a person skilled in Cisco technologies is very useful to our company. We always encourage our team to increase their knowledge and certifications in IT and even help pay towards the training in a lot of cases. I think all employers should help towards IT training, after all you are only as good as the staff they employ.

The only thing I do agree with is that most employers are unimpressed by MCSEs. Usually the only employers that hire based on an MCSE are just looking for Microsoft points. I think experience and a proven track record in a job role is more likely to land you a job.

Posted by: Chris Fitzgerald | 25 Sep 2007 14:20:06

I feel similar to Chris F. In any network environment knowledge of the Cisco CCNA will help immensely in managing the network even if you do not run Cisco Switches.

IT Training is essential if you want to keep your skills up to date, and relevant in todays fast changing world.

Posted by: Jaida | 1 Oct 2007 11:21:25

I live in Boston MA. and IT certs do seem to matter a lot here. is basically what puts you in a good IT position. and I agree with you on the MCSE subject, that cert is useless, IT mananger laugh at, but any CISCO stuff is good.

Posted by: Nelson | 14 Apr 2008 00:18:47

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