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IBM should add Projity

Bravo on the IBM commitment to OpenOffice (IBM to finally join OpenOffice, 17 September). It should bundle in OpenProj’s Projity, a complete replacement for Microsoft Project, which is part of the Microsoft Office family of solutions.

Microsoft Project is priced at about £500 and is on seven per cent of all Office desktops. It drives huge revenue for Microsoft and until Projity there was no open source alternative.

OpenProj is available on Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows, and is compatible with existing Microsoft Project files. I use it with OpenOffice and have suggested integrating it, but OpenOffice is an organisational mess to work with. IBM should trump Sun and OpenOffice and integrate OpenProj.

Joseph Kimble

October 1, 2007 in Software | Permalink


An SaaS alternative is Vertabase -

Vertabase markets web-based project management software. It is really a team based collaboration tool that can be used effectively to generate a level playing field across varying skill levels. For transparency, I am a Vertabase user so I’m a bit biased.

To enhance cross-communications Vertabase uses free and ubiquitous productivity tools – PDFs, Excel and Google spreadsheets.

Posted by: Howard Oliver | 14 Oct 2007 23:16:48

You're a Vertabase 'user'? Seems more like you work for the place considering the wording of your post, and your e-mail address.


Posted by: Stephen Boyer | 20 Apr 2008 15:53:05

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