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Networking tips for Vista users

In response to the recent letters about issues with Microsoft Vista (Letters, 7 April and 21 April), I have experienced problems connecting the latest Windows operating system to a network, but have come up with a number of solutions.

My own machine at home will not connect to the internet if it detects more than one network connection trying to connect. It has dual Ethernet, and disabling one of those resolved the problem. Also my home computer will not connect to the internet at all unless the router is on prior to the computer being turned on – I always have them off when not in use having come from a security background.

My work laptop will not connect to the corporate network if Vista detects two connections to the network. Because I use a docking station, disabling the wireless card also resolved the problem.

Finally, a friend’s computer would not connect to her ISP, even though an XP machine did instantly. Putting in static rather than dynamic TCP/IP settings, issued from her router, resolved the problem immediately.

Emma Taylor

April 28, 2008 in Software | Permalink


Are you using a ThinkPad? If so, no surprise at all...Lenovo (IBM) installs network management software that conflicts with pretty much everything. I've found that removing it from the machine works, but that's a bit radical. There's a way to make it peacefully co-exist, others may know the details...

In general, you want to let Windows control access to the great. If something else is trying to control, it'll just make a mess...

If you're not using a ThinkPad, well, I don't have anything... :)

Posted by: Jim Bernardo | 29 Apr 2008 14:36:29

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