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Vista martyrs are too quick to point finger

The recent article on Windows Vista uptake didn’t surprise me at all (Vista SP1 fails to spark migration, 31 March). Everybody loves to pull Microsoft to bits and criticise everything it does. But if people instead took the time to try to solve the issues they have with Vista, then I am sure they will be happy with it.

I have four systems with Vista installed, all with service pack 1 and they all work fine. They are all stable, secure and have no issues whatsoever. And why is this? Because I take the time to solve any issues that arise instead of criticising the operating system.

John Porter

April 7, 2008 in Software | Permalink


It pains me but I must disagree.

I have been using Vista Business Pro in a development environment continually for the past year. When asked, I had to advise a friend to purchase a machine with XP installed and use the extra money saved to buy a memory upgrade.

I like Vista in principle a great deal, especially the security, but there are issues.

1. It's a resource hog making a blisteringly fast machine run no faster than a 1GHz machine.
2. Even simple operations like copying a file are painfully slow.
3. Too much of my existing hardware, even though purchased this year, is incompatible.
4. Browser hangs are commonplace and clearly due to thread blocking (a program that does not handle some tasks in a background thread will appear to hang the machine for a while if there's a problem) but remain unresolved.
5. Drivers being unstable, e.g. screen going blank due to a video driver issue.
6. Borderline disaster scenarios when installing new software and after weeks of searching for solutions, finding none.
7. Many bread and butter operations are slower than on machines much older, e.g. copying large files across a network. I've actually had one file copy at less than an old modem speed on a wired network, i.e. 56kbits! No there's nothing wrong with the hardware or the network.

I cannot recommend it in its current state despite, as I say, liking much of what it offers. Even my Microsoft VM (virtual machine) software refused to run. I had to download a beta version.

I would say it's going to be SP2 before I get any peace of mind. IT departments be warned. I know what I'm doing but its still left me wanting to thump something.

On an optimistic note, perhaps it's just me that is having the problems and everyone else will get on with it just fine but if that isn't the case then be warned. Let me assure you that I'm using an out of the box machine, preinstalled and pretested from a very reputable supplier, and the software I'm using is Microsoft's own and is not supposed to be problematical.

I'm trying to give a balanced view but you can probably tell from my comments that although I'm getting by, it is just getting by by the skin of my teeth, and having an OS that hinders rather than helps is something I'm not very happy about.

Microsoft, DON'T try to make your operating systems like the Mac. People like me NEED a certain amount of control over the operating system.

Guess what? I tried "Damn Small Linux" the other day. I didn't know my machine could run that fast!!! I was just playing but it reminded me of what the hardware capabilities of my machine are.

Say no to bloat.

Posted by: David Lambert | 7 Apr 2008 18:36:54

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