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Windows woe: an appeal for help

I was most concerned to read Ade Worley’s letter regarding the difficulty of connecting Vista to a network (Allow plenty of time to deploy Vista, Letters, 17 March), but also relieved because a relative of mine is having exactly the same problem.

He has spent hours on the phone with BT Openworld trying to get a connection from his Vista PC to BT Openworld, but with no success. The lights on the router are all green, but that’s the only success. There’s no sign of any connection with the Vista PC.

I wonder if anyone has any idea of what Vista is doing, or rather not doing? It would be useful to have access to a Vista troubleshooting guide.

Tony Seymour

April 7, 2008 in Software | Permalink


I too have experienced this problem and have come up with a number of solutions...

My own machine at home will not connect to the internet if it detects more than 1 network connection trying to connect to the internet. It has dual Ethernet, disabling one of those resolved the problem. Also my home computer will not connect to the Internet at all unless the router is on prior to the computer being turned on (I always have them off when not in use having come from a security back ground).

My work laptop will not connect to the corporate network if Vista detects 2 connections to the network. Because I use a docking station, disabling the wireless card also resolved the problem.

Finally a friend's computer would not connect to her ISP at all even though an XP machine did instantly. Putting in static rather than dynamic TCP/IP settings (issued from her router) resolved the problem immediately.

Emma Taylor

Posted by: Emma Taylor | 11 Apr 2008 10:08:54

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