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Credit card firms have got a cheek

I believe that I have been the victim of a potential credit card fraud (Experts lambast fraud protection system, 14 April). Barclaycard sent me out a new credit card as my old card was nearing its expiry date. A large sticker on the card gave a contact number that I had to call to verify card arrival, which I dutifully rang.

My details were verified and I was then given a lecture on how card fraud is on the increase, followed by a sales pitch to try to get me to pay £70 to protect myself in the event that I become a fraud victim because the credit card companies are not doing enough to combat this growing crime.

If card providers continue to accept card-not-present transactions then they only have themselves to blame. To try to sell cardholders protection from something the credit card companies created themselves is surely fraud.

Phil Howes, IT services manager

May 6, 2008 in Security | Permalink


I totally agree, what is the banking world coming to!!

Posted by: Catherine Bradley | 21 May 2008 13:13:24

I dont think its worth getting any sort of fraud protection at extra cost. If you are a victim of fraud it is the card provider thats liable and not yourself. Unless of coruse you were totally stupid and left your card outside somewhere with a pin number stuck on it and dint bother reporting it as lost or stolen. These are just extra ways for the providers to make money by selling add-ons with the credit cards.

Posted by: Football Credit Card | 28 May 2008 01:42:19

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