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Wireless networks pose little danger

I was surprised to read that wired networks are inherently more secure than wireless (Long road to 802.11n Wi-Fi, 28 April).

While this opinion may have had some traction a few years ago, I don’t think it applies now. With WPA2-AES encryption and 802.1x authentication, wireless is often more secure than wired networks, as evidenced by deployments in sensitive locations such as military airfields. 

Additionally, many companies still operate wired networks that a determined hacker could compromise in seconds from within any semi-public space. Given the inevitable transition to all wireless offices, the big issue going forward will be the effective management of legacy and multi-vendor Wi-Fi deployments, not wired versus wireless.

Roger Hockaday, Aruba Networks

May 27, 2008 in Wireless | Permalink


Whats the best way to determine whether my wireless network is secure? I have an Encryption and a firewall. Is that secure enough?

Posted by: Football Credit Card | 28 May 2008 01:37:23

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