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It‘s a Nokia-out

With feverish anticipation, we publish our last two Nokia look-alikes. Next week, you get to vote on the four finalists. Our winning Nokia man gets some spanking new Nokia kit.
First up, Alex Blewitt sends a picture of himself. ‘I’m looking for a new job at the moment and hope that this might be a good chance to advertise myself,’ he says. Fine for any job specifying ‘must look like plasticine Nokia man’ in its requirements. Second, we’ve been wondering why no one from BAE Systems has been in touch yet. Ben Buttigieg helpfully supplies a picture of his boss, Roger Huxley. He also provided a helpful green Photoshopped version, but we know that even BAE Systems doesn’t have employees that look like that.
One final comment: ‘The Nokia man shares a stunning resemblance to Beaker, the lab technician from The Muppet Show. I wonder if somebody at Nokia looks like Dr Bunsen Honeydew - in which case should we start worrying about Nokia’s latest offerings exploding?’ asks Paul Morris, at the Nottingham Building Society.

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