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'Vista Ready' PCs - buyer beware

I bought a brand new top-of-the-range Sony Vaio last week so I could upgrade it from Windows XP MCE to Windows Vista Ultimate (Today's PCs will meet Vista's demands, 6 November). I specifically chose the machine as Sony states that it is "Vista Ready".
It worked well when running XP MCE. Then I downloaded the RTM version of Vista from Microsoft's MSDN servers and upgraded my nice new "Vista Ready" machine.
It was a disaster. The Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 video card was not supported so the machine reverted to VGA. The audio chipset also failed to have a driver so no longer works. The TV system completely fails to work, and Media Centre blue-screens when started.
I don't understand how Sony can sell a product as Vista Ready when installing the new operating system leaves the machine crippled.
Andrew Jones

November 27, 2006 in Software | Permalink


Amen. Exactly the same problem(s) with a brand new Vista Premium machine - a Sony SZ370P. The utility that switches between the WLAN and the WWAN (802a/b/g and the Cingular Edge) has stopped working - it's not supported by Vista. It would be bad enough if this just prevented you from switching radio modes - no, it's worse. The 802a/b/g has stopped working. Sony's reply? We don't yet support Vista. Come on...

Am seriously thinking of taking the machine back to CompUSA and finding another one that won't have Vista issues...

Posted by: Rick | 9 Dec 2006 16:54:32

Same here upgraded to business on my TXN15P/W
My wireless is working but no finger print or WWAN . I can not turn bluetooth off and it is draining the battery. THis thing cost be 2300 w tax. I am pissed

Posted by: Kingjew | 8 Feb 2007 03:34:45

I can help you with fingerprint SW and GO 7400...

No luck on WWAN yet.

Posted by: Thomas | 14 Feb 2007 03:31:58

the Cingular Communication Manager is now avail for download, but I can't get the WWAN to turn on.. and the manager won't see that radio.. I'm still looking for a way to switch the WLAN over ot the WWAN... I'm on a UX280p

Posted by: Drighten | 13 Mar 2007 18:33:32

found a switcher, but it only switches between WLAN 2.4Ghz & WLAN5.0Ghz, and turns your Bluetooth on and off.. I've yet to find the WWAN switcher..

Posted by: Drighten | 13 Mar 2007 18:42:40

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