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Start-up prepares for spam-fest

Aiming to make spam more targeted, a new service called JigSaw has launched a programme where users can buy contact data, reports The San Jose Mercury News.

Founder Jim Fowler hopes to persuade random users to enter the info in their rolodexes on his website. Users earn points for each contact they enter, and additional points if the data turns out to be correct (well, if a fellow user hasn't edited the entry within one month).

The service plans to make money by selling access to the contact data. Salesmen apparently are dieing to get access to it and are supposed to caugh up $25 per month to get up to 25 phone numbers and email addresses. After all, it's all about the quality of the data.

For a similarly low sum, you can of course just buy one of those excellent spam CDs, containing millions of email addresses. The quality might be worse, but if you're considering signing up to Jigsaw you must be desperate anyway.

Leaves the question about how I would feel if a business relation of mine decides to sell my contact data to this service. Let it hereby be said that I will hunt down and go medieval on anyone who dares to enter my data into this system. I get plenty of spam without it, and my guess is that there will be a few more people who have similar feelings about

That didn't discourage the founder however. Believe it or not, the company actually has succeeded in getting $5.2m in venture capital investments.

December 6, 2004 at 10:52 PM | Permalink


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